Mission, Vision and Strategy

Ausnutria's goal is to strengthen its position as a leading paediatric milk formula company and expand its market share in the PRC and other major countries in the world. The Group plans to accomplish its goal by leveraging on its principal strengths and by implementing the following strategies:

Upstream Integration & Diversification

The Group acquired a 51% equity interests in Ausnutria Hyproca in 2011 and entered into a share purchase agreement for the acquisition of the residual 49% equity interest in Ausnutria Hyproca in January 2015. The acquisition was completed in 2015 which will further consolidate the business currently conducted by Ausnutria Hyproca and its subsidiaries into the Group.

The Group believes that the ability to ensure a stable and quality supply of infant formula powder is one of the Group’s critical success factors. The Group will continue to make use of its internal resources and global network to explore investment opportunities in upstream milk power related assets and operations to broaden the Group’s milk powder supply sources. This will also diversify the Group’s risks and ensure a stable and quality supply of milk powder to support its business growth.

Marketing and Advertising

The Group believes that its brand recognition and reputation are instrumental to its success and growth and will continue its effort in branding. The Group will continue to devote in brand building and maintenance through television and other media advertisements, sales and promotion activities and seminars to parents with information on paediatric nutrition and its products.

Investments in Research and Development

Technology research and development has always been the key element of the Group's sustainability. In September 2014, the Technology Department of Ausnutria China (established in 2003) was granted the Provincial-level Enterprise Technology Centre by Hunan Economic and Information Technology Commission. The fourth generation of Allnutria series products of Ausnutria China has been awarded the second prize of Changsha City Science and Technology Progress Award in 2014.

The Group will continue to increase its investments in research and development to improve products and will periodically adjust its research and development focus in response to industry trends and market demands. This approach will help the Group maintain and strengthen its market position in the paediatric nutrition products industry.

Investment in Information Technology

The Group has continued to place strong emphasis on the development of information technology systems in order to cater for the changes in purchasing patterns of consumers and the development of e-commerce of the Group.

The Group has launched a number of mobile applications and has cooperated with a number of leading e-commerce platform providers in the PRC like TMALL.COM, JD.COM, Yihaodian, Amazon.cn and Dangdang.com for the development of its e-commerce business. The Group will continue to enhance the information technology systems to cater for the fast growing but rapid changing e-commerce sector.

Good Corporate Governance

The Group will continuously and proactively strengthen its corporate governance so as to establish a solid foundation for future growth and to build the confidence of its shareholders and potential investors. Ausnutria will use its best endeavors to continue to strive for the highest returns and value to its shareholders in the long run.