Media News
14 Aug 2019 Ausnutria Announces 2019 Interim Results, Adjusted Profit Attributable to Equity Holders of the Company Soared by 63.8%, Branding and Marketing Boosting Own-branded Products with New Strategies Fueling Nutrition Business
31 Jul 2019 2019 Interim Results Continues to Record a Significant Growth, Announces the Positive Profit Alert for Twelfth Consecutive Times, Giving Full Play to the Superiority of Full Industry Chain, Constantly Boosting Development of Self-owned Brands, with Solid Steps Implementing the 'Golden Decade' Strategic Plan
08 Jul 2019 Integrated Inner Resources to Fuel Nutrition Products Business Development Ausnutria Acquired the Remaining Equity Interest in Nutriunion
06 Jun 2019 Indirectly Acquired 26.1% of Glac Biotech's Equity Interests Through Subscription of Convertible Bonds, Nutrition Products Business Expanding with Continuous Implementation of Internationalisation Strategy
14 May 2019 Ausnutria Announces 1Q 2019 Results, Adjusted Profit Attributable to Company Equity Holders Soared by 87.2%, Ten Years of Pursuance for Quality Bringing Wide Recognition on Own-branded Products
06 May 2019 Achieves Significant Growth in 1Q 2019 Results Positive Profit Alert for the Eleventh Consecutive Time
18 Mar 2019 Ausnutria Announced 2018 Annual Results, the Revenue of Own-branded Milk Formula Products up More Than 50%, Organic Milk Formula Products and Nutrition Business Emerged as the New Drivers
20 Feb 2019 Remarkable Growth for 2018 Results Positive Profit Alert for Ten Consecutive Times